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For current students, we have lease options available. This allows for the experience of having your own horse without as much cost or commitment. Please contact Liz for more information.


As our lesson students progress, they will have many show opportunities. We have jumper shows throughout the year at Rosewood, which gives the perfect atmosphere for a first show! In addition, we travel to local schooling shows as well as rated shows.


Lessons are scheduled ahead of time and most often on a weekly basis. I typically start new riders in private lessons on a lunge line.  They will stay on the lunge line until they are comfortable steering and stopping from the walk and trot, and posting at the trot.  After that, they are ready and able to go into group lessons.  Beginner group lessons have no more than four riders of similar abilities.  The more advanced groups may have more than four. 

We have a number of school horses and ponies with varied personalities and habits to provide students with a well-rounded riding experience helping to challenge riders to improve their skills.



The cost of lessons starts at $35

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